Walking to be human again

Our modern lifestyle has considerably reduced the walking we do in our life. We spend more time in fast transportation and sitting at a desk. However, standing on two feet is what differentiates us from other species; our bodies are built to walk upright.  Walking provides a long list of health-related benefits. In fact, there…


We are at a crossroads. Nature is suffering and everyday we receive more news about catastrophic weather-related events, endangered animals species and violence in our society.  I too was at a crossroads. Working in the fitness world, I felt a burnout and paused to reconsider my career. I asked myself how I could contribute more…

About Me

I am a trip leader, a photographer and a teacher. Nature’s intelligence and resilience inspire all my work. Let’s restore a sense of wonder into our life and adopt a nurturing lifestyle for our Self AND our Planet!

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