Morning warm-up in the Grand Canyon

“We are as strong and as fragile as the earth itself, and we constantly transform and reshape ourselves.”


Today, there is an urgency of regenerate our Planet, regain a sense of wonder towards Nature and her amazing capabilities if we give her a chance. 

Regenerate the Planet starts AT HOME, in our own body.

Ancient cultures and indigeneous people undestand that we are part of Nature and Nature is our extended body. However, for a few centuries, we have forgotten. We have used and abused Nature as we have used and abused our own health to the expense of our own well-being.

Let’s experience our body in its wholeness, meaning interconnected with our mind and spirit.


It is time to reconnect to the EARTH, appreciate and nurture her at each step we take!

Spending time in Nature is medicine and walking is the most natural human activity. It benefits our physiological and mental health, boosts our creativity and our Joie de vivre.

A walking journey is a way to travel slower and connect deeper with a place, with people we run into and with ourself. 

Join me this fall for a 13 days walk on a French Compostelle trail. 

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“Catherine has been a remarkably intuitive yoga teacher and inspiring role model for many years. Her personal attention motivates me to perform my best. And, when our yoga session closes with savasana, my body is more limber and my mind relaxed for the rest of the day.” 

Karen Kurt. Aspen

“I have been able to climb mountains and backpack this summer due to Catherine’s yoga classes keeping me limber.  Without them, I am very stiff and experience foot, knee, and shoulder pain due to my arthritis.  I have learned more about proper breathing and how to stay focused while meditating. I look forward to these classes each week and value Catherine’s knowledge.”

Carole Kurt. Aspen


I teach a Hatha-Vinyasa yoga which is accessible to anybody.

Yoga means “union” within our own person and with the world.

My yoga class includes breathing techniques, simple poses, slow movement, vision enhancement, and a short relaxation and meditation.

 Yoga enhances our breath. Breathing connects our entire physical body, our mind with our body and ourself with the environment, our extended body. 

Yoga improves our movement, allowing us to do our work and what we love. Movement brings joy, enhancing not only our physiology but also our mental and emotional health.

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