We are at a crossroads. Nature is suffering and everyday we receive more news about catastrophic weather-related events, endangered animals species and violence in our society. 

I too was at a crossroads. Working in the fitness world, I felt a burnout and paused to reconsider my career.

I asked myself how I could contribute more to our reconnection to Nature, leading to her regeneration and ours as human beings. 

I had done many trips to the Himalayas, trekking in remote parts of the world, encountering different cultures and amazing people. It opened my heart and mind like nothing before. Travel is a great way to feel our interconnectedness, nurture peace and put compassion in action.

I planned to organize more trips, until Covid 19 interrupted travel. 

The confinement became an opportunity to teach again. Even if only virtually, my yoga classes allowed us to keep connecting with each other, move mindfully, and enhance our breathing with Pranayama techniques, so important for the health of our lungs and stress management.

Nature breathes and we breathe with her and within her. Breathing unites all living things. Can we bring back a sense of wonder towards Nature and our own True Nature? Can we be in awe of what our bodies, minds and spirits are capable of? 

Big decisions have to be made by governments and corporations in order to reverse the extinction trajectory we are on. But as individuals, we have power. We can start regenerating ourselves with our choice of lifestyle and better awareness of our consumption habits. Every day, we can be in awe and gratitude of our immediate environment, find Nature and walk, our most characteristic activity as human beings.

We are a piece of the big Life puzzle. When we start regenerating our Self we can influence others around us and contribute to Nature’s regeneration. 

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