Trekking off the books, Nepal, 2017

On April 25, 2015, a devastating earthquake hit Nepal. Its epicenter was the area of Gorkha. I remember that Ketam, my Langtang guide, was from Gorkha. We reconnected. His house was still standing, but the roof was gone, as were many other ones. In 2017, my Nepalese agent and I put together a trek, which would not follow the main route of the Grand Tour of the Manaslu, but go off the beaten path through villages and countless millet terraces, a more traditional Nepal with amazing vistas. Ketam led our support team, all guys being from the Gorkha area. Our trek ended in Ketam’s village and their warm reception with music and dances was very touching. This trip is a testimonial of what travel can do to support underpriviledged communities.