Pilgrimage and Refuge, Dharamsala 2012

When His Holiness the Dalai Lama escaped Tibet in 1959, thousands of Tibetans followed him. In 1960, the Indian Government gave land to His Holiness to make his home and Main Temple in Dharamsala. This Indian town, tucked betwen the Dauladhar range and the Kangra plain, is now also home to many Tibetan refugees, monks and nuns included. 

As many orphans arrived in town, His Holiness and his mother founded the Tibetan Children Village where every child can have a home, a Mother, and receive education and care. 

During my stay, I met with many refugees who shared their amazing stories with me. A very special experience was when His Holiness arrived in town or departed. It seemed to me that all activities in town stopped as everyone lined up the streets to greet him. I did too.